Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy…best concert yet

For my music-loving brother’s 28th birthday we took a 5-hour journey here to the odd yet fun college town of Gainesville, FL to see one of his favorite performers live for the first time…Natalie MacMaster.  With expectations high, extremely high, we were a bit perplexed to show up and see only two pianos and two separate chairs…no drums, no guitars, nothin.  Well, Natalie and her husband Donnell decided to give the audience a taste of how they grew up…and let’s just say it was perhaps the best concert I have ever been to.

2 unbelievable fiddlers/entertainers + 2 flawless piano players/dancers + 2 hours of exclusive play = best concert I’ve seen

If you can, go see them, don’t miss it.


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