I recently sat down and endured Brian Wilson’s brutally honest story in the 2005 indie hit “Hard Candy”.  A 14-year-old girl meets a 32-year-old man online who invites her into his Los Angeles home, is he the real predator?  With utterly astounding performances by Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson and equally impressive Directing and Art Direction, I maintain that the film is an absolute MUST SEE for film lovers.

The film made a loud declaration of the reality of pedophilia and the internal/spiritual struggle accompanied by such a lifestyle.  I would beg further that the struggle is not limited to pedophilia alone but all of man’s struggle with the sinful schemes we devise and carry out.  The film culminated in a moment where one of the characters comes to the ultimate realization of who they really are, no more games, no more mask, they are disgusted yet relieved to understand their true self.

See this film, but be aware of its strong language and sexual content.


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