NORWAY: Growth, Shipping, and Energy…rock on.

Concluding the look at Norway, I have to say that I was of course a bit surprised.  Being the “ignorant American” I am about the world’s affairs I am quite intrigued by the “diversity” of this beautiful place.  I knew it had the landscape made for perfect photos and paintings, what I didn’t know was how heavily they were involved with the shipping and energy industries.  Don’t laugh, I really had no idea.

Most intriguing place…hmmm, the furry little animal named Oslo.  Fastest growing capital in Europe?!  Crazy stuff.  Maritime dominance for decades?!  Get me on a boat.  With Norway’s neutral yet active involvement in the nuclear industry, it’s growing oil production, and it’s expanding metro areas we could very well see this place come into a significant world player in the years to come.  How much so?  World power?  Um no.  But, in my brief look it seems as if it could produce a noticeable wake that could make much of the world take a peek at who’s cruising through the harbor.

What’s next?  Those crazy neighbors…

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