TRAILER REVIEW: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Okay, here goes nothing…

So Mr. Brandon Pence and I watched this trailer on a typical lunch break at the Revive Media Services some time earlier this year/maybe some time last year and, well, to say the least he landed in the parking lot after bursting through the ceiling in excitement.  As for my liking?  A couple things:

1)  Style.

I am all about epicness.  In a world filled with over-CG’d flicks I was quite impressed in watching a trailer that had a visual element as fresh as a Georgia peach bought on the side of I-75.  The action clips were a different kind of epic, yet epic nonetheless. Not sure how anyone can not think…hmmm…that looks “fun”, regardless of it being a CG-fest.

2) Story.

A young dapper of a man has to defeat 7 evil exes in order to win his girlfriend’s heart.  Original?  Yeeahahahah not sure.  Yep, have no idea if it is or not so I’m in as I think it addresses the reality of loving relationships in a unique way.  Who hasn’t dealt with overcoming another’s broken past? Not sure if the film goes that way entirely, but the idea that we have to address and more or less “defeat” the sins or broken relationships of each other’s past in order to have a peaceful, loving relationship is very real. How is this possible? Is it by punching that evil past experience through the roof of a concert hall in slow motion with lots of color and explosions and loud music? To Scott Pilgrim, yes. To us? Hmmmmmmmmmm…

There is a meeting at 9:45p at the Rave in Destin that Brandon and I will be attending, we shall see what we think after the epicness ensues…

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