Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson

$700 billion bailout…WHAT ARE WE DOING!?

I am assuming that half of the people that read this have yet to hear about the recent $700 billion bailout launched in the US.  Yes, that’s correct, another $700 billion created out of thin air.  Do our policy makers just not care about the future of this country?  Unreal.

Get this too:  “Billions of dollars in U.S. rescue funds wound up in big banks in France, Germany and other nations. That was probably inevitable because of the structure of the Treasury Department’s program, the Congressional Oversight Panel says in a new report issued Thursday.

The U.S. program aimed to stabilize the financial system by injecting money into as many banks as possible, including those with substantial operations overseas. Most other countries, by contrast, focused their efforts more narrowly on banks in their nations that usually lacked major U.S. operations.” — Associated Press

I am grateful for this country but do not put much weight on being “American” and it’s getting easier and easier to do so.  Raise a glass to government control, a crappy dollar, and the end of an empire…


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