Aron Ralston.  If you haven’t heard the name or don’t remember his story then now you will thanks to Danny Boyle and 20th Century Fox.  I will save you the spoiler and would actually recommend seeing the film without knowing the story as you will be delightfully (word?)  surprised.  Ralston was a man who demonstrated the reality of the limits some will go to save lives.  His story is radical and millions want to be like him or to live the adventure he does/did.  It may seem unattainable but I believe takes one simple act on a daily basis.  So, why not?

Danny Boyle behind the camera.  I like VERY much.  Slumdog impressed me. Sunshine gets rave reviews by trusted film critics like Matthew Koppin (sup man?), 28 Days Later as well and the trailer gives us a taste of a superb flick.  James Franco is the man.  Check it out…


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