ed thomas

Do you know who Ed Thomas is? You should…

ed thomas

A few minutes ago I was having an edifying conversation with my father as I lay on my full-size bed here in the now-cool Fort Walton Beach, FL and he rest comfortably in his New York hotel room trying to wind down from a stressful sales trip.  Somewhere between “torrential rain/tornadoes that had hit our home state of Arizona (where mother is at the moment)” and “current life updates” I was thrilled to suddenly recall the story of Ed Thomas:

ME: “Dad, did you watch the ESPYs this year?!”

DAD: “No, why?”

ME: “Oh goodness, I need to send you this video of this guy who one an award on the show.  Long story short it’s about a high school football coach who was shot and killed by one of his former players while the team was working out in the gym.  It will BLOW your mind!  I hope it’s on YouTube, I will send you the link if it is.”

DAD: “Oh, okay, yeah send it over.”

Do you know who Ed Thomas is?!  If you have ever wondered what the true definition of “forgiveness” is, or what Jesus meant when he said to “Love one another as I have loved you”, than watch the Ed Thomas story unfold.  The legacy he left behind goes beyond human understanding and cries out to the deepest longings of the human heart.


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