Are you ready to die?

When my coworker and I sat down for a ritual trailer-watching lunch break recently much to our delight there were about 5 new trailers on, things were looking up.  Then, aside from seeing a poster graphic with an eagle that peeked my attention I saw one with Javier Bardem front and center and I was immediately sold…or should I say “Chigurhed”.

Upon the conclusion of No Country for Old Men (2007) I was convinced I would watch any other film Javier took part in.  Well, I haven’t ENTIRELY stuck to that “pledge” as I’ve missed his two last films.  Regardless, I watch this trailer and am completely intrigued by its pure simplicity, beautiful yet difficult imagery, moving song piece, and perhaps the most notable being it’s 4 lines of dialogue:

Woman: Are you ready to go?

Uxbal (Bardem):  No.

Woman: You and I know the dead suffer if they leave debts behind.

Uxbal: I’m not going to die….no.

There is an old Psalm that says, “All who come from the dust will kneel before the Lord, all who cannot keep themselves alive.”  This film is no “new idea” but it looks to be a solid piece of story-telling that raises the most difficult and painful dilemma of mankind…the reality of pain, suffering, and ultimately death.

Do you really believe one day you will die?

There are a few frames of racy imagery if  you watch this trailer, FYI.


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