Thank you Russ Chimes and Saman Keshavarz

It’s a rare delight when an artist and director get together to write and produce a collaborative project that raises the bar in the most unlikely of ways. Take a look below at the crew that put together one of the more impressive “music videos” I have seen in quite some time:

Director: Saman Keshavarz
Writers: Saman Keshavarz, Nate Eggert
Executive Producer: Lanette Phillips
Producers: Francis Pollara, Saman Keshavarz, Romson Niega
Associate Producers: Nate Eggert, Tom Lee
Cinematographer: Justin Gurnari
Editor: Nate Tam
Production Designer: Julie Chen
Stunts: Ken Arata
Graphics: Cosimo Galluzzi
Label: Eye Industries (
Production Company: Mighty8 (

With a crew that small and a budget that I’m sure came from the lint-filled pockets of those involved these visionary artists put together a piece of work that will leave your mind turning, head nodding, and heart pumping for three +5min. episodes.

Why did I never expect or want to hear someone SAY something in the films? Might I beg that it screams good film-making and acting, that’s why…

Saman Keshavarz and Russ Chimes, you have made one new fan that will be looking for big things from you both.

** For those sensitive to violent and suggestive sexual content you may not want to watch this (there is NO nudity)



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