Living Life by Faith

Faith.  The word in itself stirs up an abundance of thoughts and emotions: hope, hate, hurt, help, hostility, humility, hypocrisy and so much more.  Some think of the Crusades, some of the Red Cross.  Some think of Buddha, some of a cow,  Some think of evil, some of good.  Why such polarizing views?  What really is this thing called “faith”?  Let’s take a gander at what this “f” word really is, why it even exists, and the implications of living in true security.

Now, if we look at the definition of faith it would be best to pull from two resources: non-religious and religious.  According to Webster’s Dictionary faith is, “confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another’s ability” and, “belief that is not based on proof”.  According to the Bible faith is, “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” (Heb. 11:1)  So, both the non-religious and religious  worldviews claim that faith involves believing something that is beyond ourselves.  Why is it that such a concept exists?  Why would we create an idea that says to live in a way that involves trusting ones self to someone else or the unknown?

When we observe the reason why such a concept exists we can examine the simple fact that each and every day all people live by faith.  There is not a single soul that walks the earth that is able to predict the entire future for anyone, not one has that ability!  Whether one likes to admit it or not, whether they cringe at hearing the word or rejoice, each and every living thing experiences life by faith.  Due to the nature of the world we are born into everyone makes the daily decision to trust in another person/thing believing that it will provide something that cannot be seen.  Whether it be God, the stock market, a boyfriend or wife, video games, retirement, or a successful career we look to something for hope realizing we cannot be the solution.  If this is the case, what’s the best thing to depend on in life?  What is the best thing to entrust ourselves to?

If we examine the different options of what to believe in and therefore how to live our lives we are left with only one option that brings true, lasting hope, God.  I can hear the screams in your head, God is dead right?  Or is He evil?  Or how could He exist in such an evil, messed up world?  Dang good questions, I believe the short answer lies in understanding the God in whom the person/thing to trust.  God is good, therefore, God desires your good.  The Bible says that, “…He rewards those who diligently seek him.” Did you hear that?  He rewards.  If I don’t believe there is someone looking out for my good and the good of others in the midst of complete uncertainty and turmoil in my life and the world around me I have nothing in which to hope.  Life is meaningless without a good God in which to believe and use up the faith we have.

In America, we put our trust in career, the stock market, and our accumulating 401ks.  The beginning of the 21st century has left 46 million in August of 2012 on food stamps and over 75% of those at the age of retirement had to get rehired.  What are we living for, a paycheck?  By trying to save our lives will we lose them?  The condition of the human heart is one filled with the longing for good, hope, peace, and joy.  Let’s turn to the one who can provide all our needs so we have the freedom to love, laugh, and truly live!


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