A Short Story – The Prideful Brother Bloom


* I wrote this story to illustrate a bit of what the Kingdom of God is like.  Jesus told stories similar to this and told many to bring clarification to the many different aspects of God’s Kingdom.  I hope it is insightful.

In prosperous 1996 America there lived a family who found great success and blessing both financially and physically for generations.  Brock and Bethany Bloom owned the #1 rated investment firm Bloom & Hanson, Inc. and owned a wide variety of real estate and commercial properties all over the world.  Their Chicago estate was home to 6 healthy children and 4 orphans all whom were full of strength, intelligence, athleticism, and hope for their futures as the great Blooms.  For hundreds of years the men and women of the Bloom lineage were being blessed in every area of life and were known for blessing others.  Their name was sure to be carried on through years to come and filled with love, joy, hope, and peace.

As Spring graduation approached at Harvard University, the two oldest Bloom twins anticipated life ahead with great eagerness and joy.  But, one of the twins had an animosity towards the family and their commitment to blessing others and the city of Chicago.  At their graduation party Mr. Bloom made the announcement that his two sons would be the heirs of Bloom & Hanson, Inc. but Bronson spoke up, “Father!  I wish to seek my own path.  Will you let me?”  Perplexed at the thought of not being a part of such a rich, lasting inheritance his father replied, “Why, my son!?  I am giving you all the land, estates, and blessing you could imagine, even your children’s children will reap the benefits! What could be better?”  Bronson replied, “Father, I am greater and wish to exalt our family in all the world, I will blaze a new path for the Bloom name!”  His father was broken in his spirit in the midst of the crowd and worried for his son’s life as he sought his own glory rather than the blessing of others.  “My son, it is as you wish, I remove my blessing from you though at any moment if you wish to return, I will gladly give it back.”  His father left and wept bitterly for his child’s life.


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