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A Historical Perspective on The Great Zombie Obsession of 2012

Zombies Walk The Streets Of Sydney

The Great Zombie Obsession of 2012

There was once a time on earth when millions of human beings obsessed over a fictional being called a zombie.  This creature was “an animated corpse resurrected back to life by mystical means, such as witchcraft (and) are typically depicted as mindless, reanimated corpses with a hunger for human flesh, and particularly for human brains.”  The obsession spanned the lands of the Americas as well as that of most of Europe from the 1980’s and reaching new heights in the 2000’s, especially in 2012 in light of the expectation of end of the Mayan calendar on December 21st.  During this most unusual movement the humans recreated the zombie beings in plays, movie films, video games, home decorations, clothing, events, many dressed and acted in their likeness, and some governments even created official preparedness tools (historical documents can be viewed here).  What got into these high forms of life to believe and act upon a strange fictional idea?


A Social and Medical Diagnostic

Upon review, these zombies seemed to be a physical expression of the humans’ innate understanding of the angels doomed to death roaming rampant around the earth seeking whom to devour that we of course know as demons.  As the earthlings were not able to see these demons ruthlessly and mindlessly eating away at their beautiful minds and hearts they resorted to a physical representation known as the zombie.  Also understanding but not fully grasping that they encountered these demons as they broke into their homes, smashed the windows of their businesses, and roamed their streets for flesh and blood they resorted to fantasizing about a fictional creature.  Perhaps the saddest assessment is the delightful satisfaction the humans had over their own fictional daily “battle” with these zombies that included massive weapons, carefully thought out strategies, exhaustive preparations, and brutally enjoyable battles that left the flesh-eaters hilariously annihilated.  Most of the humans did not understand they needed to do the same in reality.

The Awakening

As we ourselves can now see, there were a few who did not fall into The Great Zombie Obsession and held to sober minds.  They chose to fight the real zombies, armed and dangerous they were ridiculed, bloodied, tired, yet victorious in the end because of the Great Warrior.  As millions of humans entertained themselves with only an idea, some carried shotguns and alert eyes daily to blow the heads off the walking dead army of demons.

** Written by Gabriel, chief research by Michael.  Approved by Melchizedek on earth year 3425.**


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