How to Handle the Evil of the World


Regardless of worldview, all humans have an innate understanding that the world we live in is filled with evil.  The pain, suffering, injustice, and death that ravages the bodies and souls of man is undeniable.  We could talk about why this evil exists but I would like to address the most revolutionary answer to the problem.

How do I handle those who do evil to me or others?  What do I say or do to my coworker when they slander and curse me for doing no wrong?  How do I respond to a leader who laughs and punishes and does not help when I fail?

The answer is simple:

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

You may be wondering who the man is in the picture above, he is Richard Wurmbrand and he was able to overcome evil with good while 15 years in a communist prison camp, watch the video below to learn more…


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