Brutus the Bear and the Raging River

One day, at the crossroads of the Kenai River a giant Brown Bear named Brutus was catching salmon when the most peculiar of creatures caught his eye.  A fluffy, yellow, pipsqueak of a duck was nervously standing at the bank of the raging river.  Brutus noticed that somehow this fragile little guy got left behind his family who was strolling, single-file, deep into the woods on the other side.  Brutus was uncertain of whether his presence would help the young duckling but nevertheless, he approached the shaking bird with ambitious hope.

Brutus: “Hello there?”

Startled, the little duckling falls backwards and shivers even more.

Brutus:  “It’s okay, these are my woods and I want to help.  What’s your name?”

Duck: “D..d…d..awson?”

Brutus: “Okay little buddy, let’s get you to the other side.  You do want to go over there with your family, right?”

Dawson: “Oh yes sir!  It’s just that…”

Dawson peeks his head over the water as Brutus leans in closer.

Brutus: “It’s just that what Dawson?”

Dawson: “…I’m scared.”

Afraid of the insurmountable task ahead, Dawson starts to cry.

Brutus: “Don’t be afraid young brave one. Like I said, this is my forest, I can get you to the other side!”

Dawson: “Really?  But how?!”

Dawson looks on as Brutus’ magestic, furry body slowly descends into the rapids below and holds like an anchor with only his head remaining above water.

Brutus: “Okay Dawson, hop up and hang on!”

Dawson, with chest puffed high finds his way onto Brutus’ big soft head and holds on like a valiant charioteer to the other side.  Brutus watches his new friend proudly waddle to the back of the family line and excitedly recount his epic encounter with Brutus the Bear and the Raging River…

The End

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